5 Things To Do in Baltimore

The biggest city in Maryland is known as Baltimore, Baltimore has also been ranked one of the top fifty most famous cities in the world. It is an independent city, and also it is known for the fact that it is the largest independent city. Baltimore city has a couple of things to do as discussed.

Art museum.

The museum is the biggest art museum in Maryland, it is known for the many pieces of art that are found there, any time you should think of visiting Baltimore consider the museum of art. They have free summer activities for toddlers.

Federal Hill Park.

When you visit Baltimore, and you would like to have the best clear view of the inner harbor as well as the skyline of Baltimore then consider paying a visit to the federal hill park as it will give you a chance for the best view.

The inner harbor.

The inner harbor of Baltimore is one of the major seaports in the U.S, the inner harbor has got its fame from the big sports stadium that are located there, so the port is worth paying a visit.

Patterson Park.

The park is worth paying a visit as this is where you will have the best swimming pool, beautiful sceneries like a lake, a dog park among others. It is in the park where most concerts and seasonal events take place.

Science center of Maryland.

The Maryland science center which is located in Baltimore is another place should never miss any time you visit Baltimore as this is one of the oldest science centers in the US, The center is a museum as it is over 200 years old and also any time you visit you get a chance to learn something new.

Above listed are just a few things to do in Baltimore but sincerely there are very many other things that you can do in Baltimore, so consider a visit.